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    Oklahoma City Custom Bar Cabinets

    Are you in need of professionally built and installed bar cabinets? OKC Cabinets is a local wet bar cabinet maker and dry bar cabinet maker serving Oklahoma City, Edmond, Nichols Hills, and the OKC Metro. Not only do our bar cabinet experts build custom dry bar cabinets and wet bar cabinets, but we also offer professional dry car cabinet installation and wet bar cabinet installation. We can build a number of custom home bar storage elements, including custom wet bar cabinets, custom wet bar drawers, wet bar shelves, dry bar cabinets, dry bar drawers, dry bar shelves, and other bar and serving area storage builds. If you are wanting to add a dry bar or wet bar area to your home’s bonus room or entertainment room, we can build base bar cabinets, bar shelves, and upper wall bar cabinets in Oklahoma City to provide you with the organization and storage space that you will want to utilize often. Contact OKC Cabinets today for a free estimate on high-quality affordable dry bar or wet bar cabinets, shelves, and other storage.

    Bar Cabinet Box Styles

    • Basic Overlay Bar Cabinets – Bar cabinet doors and drawer facings are one-half inch larger than the bar bar box frame.
    • Full Overlay Bar Cabinets – Bar cabinet doors and drawer facings are completely overlayed over the bar cabinet frame. This style is also commonly referred to as frameless bar cabinets.
    • Inset Bar Cabinets – Bar cabinet doors and bar drawer facings are set inside the frame of the bar cabinet box.

    Bar Cabinet Door and Bar Drawer Front Styles

    • Shaker Bar Cabinets – A popular choice for bar cabinet doors and bar drawer fronts today is the shaker design. The shaker bar cabinet style resembles a frame made of four pieces, and is a classic, clean, simple look.
    • Traditional Bar Cabinets – The traditional bar cabinet door and bar drawer facing style is similar to shaker bar cabinets but will contain more design elements, such as decorative routed edges or engraving.
    • Louvered Bar Cabinets – This bar cabinet style involves the use of horizontal wooden slates in order to create a unique bar cabinet look.
    • Flat Panel Bar Cabinets – Flat panel bar cabinets, or slab bar cabinets, are true to their name by being very modern and minimalist, lacking any extra embellishment. 

    We will build and install your dry bar cabinets or wet bar cabinets professionally to suit your home’s designated space perfectly. We are the preferred bar cabinet construction and installation company in Oklahoma City.

    Quality Bar Cabinetry OKC Metro

    OKC Cabinets provides custom dry bar cabinetry and custom wet bar cabinetry for clients in the Oklahoma City Metro. In addition to building quality, luxury bar cabinets and storage, our expert carpenters offer bar cabinet installs to complete each project to the best of our availability. We bring all of our bar cabinets, shelves, and drawers to a fine sanded finish that is ready to stain or paint. From bar cabinet design to bar cabinet build to bar cabinet installation, we will take great care of your bar storage project. Our OKC custom bar cabinetry builders provide new dry bar and wet bar cabinetry for local home builders who are needing to install high-quality bar cabinets and shelves for their clients. In addition, we provide home remodelers and homeowners in the Oklahoma City Metro with professional custom bar cabinets, bar shelves, bar islands, and more wet and dry bar storage pieces. We would be glad to work with you to give you the greatest quality and also affordable local  bar cabinets experience for your home needs!

    Custom Bar Cabinet Services

    • Custom Bar Storage
    • Dry Bar Cabinets
    • Dry Bar Shelves
    • Dry Bar Drawers
    • Wet Bar Cabinets
    • Wet Bar Shelves
    • Wet Bar Drawers

    OKC Cabinets is proud to provide our local bar cabinet services for affordable, quality custom dry bar and wet bar cabinets and bar storage in Oklahoma City, OK. Make sure to contact out to our custom bar cabinet construction and installation team for any of your specific bar storage plans!

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    Bar Cabinets for Home Builders

    We work with homebuilders to build and install custom bar cabinets in new construction homes.

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    Bar Remodel Cabinets

    We build and install new bar cabinets and bar shelves for remodeling contractors.

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    Bar Cabinets for Homeowners

    We build and install custom bar cabinetry for local individual homeowners.

    Bar Cabinets for the Oklahoma City Metro Built On Site

    OKC Cabinets is Oklahoma City’s top choice for professional bar cabinet maker and bar cabinet installer. The bar cabinetry carpenters of OKC Cabinets offer the best quality bar cabinet materials, leaving you with quality craftsmanship and a quality dry bar or wet bar this is long lasting and pleasing to view. We build our bar cabinetry and shelving at the project site, so that we can keep communication available and also provide the most accurate measurements for bar cabinet building and installation. Your bar area is for more than just simple storage; we can build specialized bar cabinets, drawers, and features that will take your home’s dry bar or wet bar functionality to the next level. Get in touch with us today for a quote on custom bar cabinet services around the OKC Metro area.

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      Bar Cabinetry Near Me Oklahoma City

      The wet bar and dry bar cabinet makers and bar cabinet installers of Oklahoma City Cabinets are grateful to serve the OKC, Edmond, Nichols Hills, and the greater OKC Metro area with luxury bar cabinet builds and installs. Our crew is a local bar cabinet company in OKC that always offers high quality bar cabinets and storage options to new construction home builders, home remodeling contractors, and homeowners who are wanting a new and improved dry bar or wet bar storage space!

      Reach out by phone or fill out our online quote form on our website for a free quote on custom bar cabinet making and installation. You’ll be glad you called us, as you’ll find that our cabinetry knowledge and craftsmanship is what makes us stand above the other local bar cabinet companies here in the Oklahoma City.