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OKC Cabinets is your top local custom cabinet company serving home builders, remodeling contractors, and homeowners with high-quality cabinetry in Oklahoma City and the surrounding OKC Metro area.

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    Custom Kitchen Cabinets OKC Metro Cabinet Maker

    OKC Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinetry is a major contributor to the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home’s kitchen space. We are your local custom kitchen cabinet company in Oklahoma City, ready to build and install kitchen cabinets that will perfectly suit your design, space, and budget. We are proud to offer full-kitchen cabinetry as well as specialized cabinet and drawer storage options! If you are needing new quality cabinets for your kitchen, new home construction, or kitchen remodel, make sure to contact the experienced cabinet makers of OKC Cabinets today!

    Custom Home Cabinets Company Oklahoma City

    Home Cabinets OKC

    Our carpentry team at OKC Cabinets offers custom home cabinetry for any room or space in your home. We offer quality full-home cabinetry, so we can help bring beauty and storage to any are that is needed. We build and install custom home cabinets in Oklahoma City that will always complement your home’s style, as we do offer a variety of home cabinet styles. If you are looking for custom home cabinetry that is well-build and affordable, OKC Cabinets is your company! Contact us to receive a free estimate on custom home cabinets in the Oklahoma City Metro.

    OKC Bathroom Cabinets

    Bathroom Cabinets OKC

    In order to maintain a beautiful bathroom space, bathroom cabinets are everything! OKC Cabinets offers custom bathroom vanities and custom cabinets for master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms. Whether you are looking for Oklahoma City luxury bathroom cabinets for a new home or bathroom cabinets for a bathroom romodel, our bathroom cabinet experts will build and install cabinets or a vanity that will optimize the beauty and practicality of your bathrooms. Reach out for a bathroom vanity or bathroom cabinet quote!

    Oklahoma City Custom Pantry Cabinets

    OKC Pantry Cabinets

    Many kitchen enthusiasts dream of a well-organized pantry with plenty of storage. OKC Cabinets offers that solution with quality custom pantry cabinets and pantry shelves. If you are building a new home and want to make the most of your walk-in pantry or you are reconfiguring your pantry space, your Oklahoma City Metro pantry cabinet company would be honored to build and install custom pantry cabinets and custom pantry shelves in your home. If you are in need of custom pantry cabinets and shelves, contact us today for a free estimate!

    OKC Custom Closet Cabinets

    OKC Closet Cabinets

    Is your closet space really working for you? OKC Cabinets provides quality custom closet cabinetry and storage space for master walk-in closets and bedroom closets. Whether your closet space is large or small, optimizing your storage and organization with Oklahoma City custom closet cabinets, drawers, and shelves will help you make best use of your closet space. We can build and install custom closet shelves, luxury closet islands, and other closet storage. If you are needing luxury cabinets or shelves for closets, contact us today for a free estimate!

    Oklahoma City Laundry Room Cabinets

    Laundry Room Cabinets OKC

    The importance of quality storage and organization does not diminish when it comes to your home’s laundry room. OKC Cabinets builds and installs custom laundry room cabinets and laundry room shelves in order to give you long-lasting, suitable storage in your laundry room. If you are needing custom laundry room shelves or custom laundry room cabinets in Oklahoma City built around your washer and dryer, our expert carpenters will be glad to help. Contact us for free estimates on custom cabinetry and storage your home’s laundry room!

    OKC Cabinets Oklahoma City Custom Home Entertainment Room Cabinet Built-ins

    Entertainment Center Cabinets OKC

    Our experienced carpenters at OKC Cabinets offers custom cabinetry for built in entertainment centers and media spaces. If you are looking into custom entertainment center cabinets in the Oklahoma City area, custom home media cabinets, or custom home theater cabinets, we provide quality cabinet solutions to optimize the storage and organization of any entertainment space. Contact us for simple entertainment center cabinetry to more contemporary home media cabinetry for your home’s living area!

    OKC Cabinets Oklahoma City Full Home Cabinetry Oklahoma City Dry Bar Cabinets and Shelves

    OKC Bar Cabinets

    If you enjoy using your home to entertain family and guests, then custom dry bar cabinets and shelves or custom wet bar cabinets and shelves may be of interest to you! Whether you are wanting a new space to prep hors d’oeuvres for a family gathering, serve mixed drinks for your night in with friends, or keep your bonus room stocked with drinks and snacks for the kids, Oklahoma City custom bar cabinets and custom bar shelves will create an elegant and functional storage and prep space for your home. Reach out for a free bar cabinets quote!

    OKC Cabinets Entry Cabinet Storage Coat Rack Bench

    OKC Entry Cabinets

    Custom storage is beneficial in that it not only provides better organization and greater storage capacity in your home, but it can also enhance your space with beautiful, quality-built custom cabinetry. Entry cabinets are a fantastic addition to your home’s cabinetry as it is a great space to keep regularly-used items stowed away near your home’s entryway, hallway, garage-entry door, or mud room. If you are looking for a custom, stylish entry cabinet coat rack storage area in your home, contact us today for a free quote on entry cabinets in Oklahoma City!

    OKC Cabinets Oklahoma City Metro Custom Cabinet Company Trim Molding Install

    Trim Carpentry OKC

    Not only does OKC Cabinets set ourselves apart by installing our custom built cabinets for you, we also offer professional trim carpentry and the installation of upper cabinet moulding and base cabinet trim. In fact, our expert Oklahoma City trim carpenters provide custom full-home trim carpentry for baseboard trim, door trim, and crown moulding. We would be honored to work with you to provide quality custom trim throughout your new construction home or home remodel. Simply contact us for an estimate on custom trim carpentry!

    OKC Cabinets Custom Wood Staircase Build Oklahoma City 5

    Staircases OKC

    In addition to your staircase being the route to your home’s upper level, it is also an important visual part of your home. If you are needing a custom wooden staircase built in your new construction home or you are wanting a luxury staircase to replace your existing staircase, OKC Cabinets can build a custom staircase in the Oklahoma City Metro that will enhance the elegance of your home while also providing a long-lasting, durable path from floor to floor. If you are in need of a custom home staircase, you are welcome to reach out to us for a free estimate!

    OKC Custom Murphy Bed Build Oklahoma City Edmond OK

    OKC Custom Murphy Beds

    Our expert carpenters at OKC Cabinets like to venture into other quality custom projects as well. We build custom Murphy beds for customers throughout the Oklahoma City Metro, and of course we continue to build with quality materials and the highest craftsmanship. If you are needing a space-saving bed option for a guest bedroom or office space, we can build you a custom Murphy bed that fits your needs for bed size, style, and even added storage. Let our team know if you are in need of a custom built Murphy bed for your home in the area!

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    OKC Cabinets is now offering free quotes for new custom cabinetry projects in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding OKC Metro. Home builders, remodelers, or homeowners, contact us today! 

      OKC Cabinets Design

      If you’ve chosen your cabinet design or would like to see other cabinet design options, we will be glad to assist you with Oklahoma City custom cabinets that best suit your style, space, and budget. We are proud to offer an array of quality custom cabinet designs for any home. This includes choice of wood, finish, style, and options for custom storage features like concealed pull-out cabinets or drawers for spike racks and trash cans.

      OKC Cabinets Build

      Our experienced cabinet carpenters build with the best cabinetry materials and tools in order to build the highest quality and long-lasting custom cabinets in Oklahoma. We build on site in order to maintain the most optimal level of communication and greatest meaurement and build accuracy on all of our custom cabinet projects. If you need a professional custom cabinet builder in the Oklahoma City Metro, we are proud to be at your service.

      OKC Cabinets Install

      From cabinet design to cabinet build to custom cabinet installation, our Oklahoma City cabinet makers will ensure the very best experience for you. OKC Cabinets is unique in that we build quality custom cabinets, and we are glad to install the custom cabinets profesionally for you, too! When we have completed the OKC custom cabinets installation, your new cabinets will be installed and brought to a fine sanded finish that will be ready paint or stain.

      Custom Cabinetry for Home Builders, Remodeling Contractors, and Homeowners in the OKC Metro

      OKC Cabinets is the preferred custom cabinet company for home builders, remodelers, and homeowners in the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Nichols Hills, and OKC Metro area. We are proud to build quality custom cabinetry for new construction, custom cabinets for remodeling projects, and full-house cabinetry for homeowners. If you are a home builder in the OKC area looking to partner with a quality custom cabinet company, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We will be honored to take on the professional building and installation of custom cabinetry throughout your client’s home. We build custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closet cabinets, pantry cabinets, and more cabinets, shelves, and storage projects! If you are a remodeling contractor looking to outsource custom cabinetry for your client, OKC Cabinets can build custom cabinetry that is reconfigured to give your remodeling client cabinets that are best suited for their space, style, and budget. We are always glad to offer our local Oklahoma City cabinet making services to remodelers, so your clients will be highly satisfied with the final product! If you are a homeowner looking for full-kitchen cabinets or full-house cabinets, OKC Cabinets would be honored to work with you and for you to build quality custom cabinets throughout your home. We will build and install custom cabinetry to the exact specifications desired, leaving you with quality custom cabinetry that you will appreciate for many years. Working with your best local Oklahoma City cabinet company simply begins by contacting us! 

      Local Custom Cabinet Company in Oklahoma City OK

      Searching for a reliable local cabinet maker is no longer a challenge as OKC Cabinets builds and installs luxury custom cabinetry for home builders, remodeling contractors, and homeowners in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Nichols Hills, and throughout the Oklahoma City Metro area. As you should expect, our custom luxury cabinets are much more durable and long-lasting than prefabricated cabinets from our local home improvement retailers. However, you may not realize that our custom cabinets are also available to our partners and clients at an affordable cost. You shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice the positives of quality cabinetry in order to stay within your new construction or remodeling budget. If you are looking to hire a luxury cabinet maker in Oklahoma City, we would love to make a connection with you to learn how we can best serve you. From cabinet design options to high-quality cabinet construction to professional cabinet installation, to unmatched client experience, contact us today for the best experience in Oklahoma City custom cabinetry services.

      Cabinets Near Me Oklahoma City

      Our experienced carpenters at OKC Cabinets are proud to serve the greater Oklahoma City area with high-quality custom cabinet making and cabinet installation. Our locally-owned cabinet company will always guarantee the highest quality of cabinet products and cabinet carpentry that continues sets us apart from other custom cabinet shops in the area.

      Contact us now a free estimate on new custom cabintry in OKC, Edmond, Nichols Hills, or anywhere around the OKC Metro. We stand behind the quality, professional cabinetry services we provide for our honored home building and remodeling partners and homeowners.